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Jan 10, 2021

One day the King and his Queen were about to view a special performance by a Krishnaleela troupe.

The King ordered his minister not to disturb him.

A special guard was posted at the main gate of the palace and another at the door to the hall.

Meanwhile Raman came to the palace and was prohibited entry by the kings guard.

TenaliRaman thought that there is something special going on and I have not been invited.

I must see what it is.

So he returned to the guards and said ” I must see the king, he has promised me a reward “.

The guard thought the reward must be a bag of gold as usual.

So he demanded half of the reward the king gives to Tenali.

Tenali agreed and rushed to the audience hall.

There another guard blocked his way and Tenali promised him half of the reward the king gives to him.

Finally he reached the hall and saw the dance program going on.

He ran up to the artists and picking up a stick began to hit the chief actor.

On seeing this, the king got annoyed and ordered a hundred lashes to Tenali.

As an attendant raised the whip, Tenali pleaded ” Please wait, your majesty.

I have two friends outside who want to share the lashes.

” The king was astonished.

” Who are these fools? Have them brought in.

” Raman whispered something into the attendant’s ear.

He returned with the two guards.

Raman proceeded ” I am honor bond to share with them what you wish to give me “.

And he told the king how he gained entry in to the hall.

The king was at once angry and amused.

He ordered fifty lashes each to the attendants and dismissed them.

Then he turned to Raman and said I am grateful to you for exposing these rogues.

you shall receive a bag of gold for your efforts.

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